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Due 3/28/15

Janise Jones    Due March 28, 2015
Public schooling has to be organized organically. Middle and high schools are based on an elementary school common for everybody. For the organization of the school system the variety of occupations, for the acceptance of a child into a school his talent and inclination, but not the economic and social position nor the religious confession of his parents are authoritative. Within the communities, at the request of Erziehungsberechtigten (legal guardian), Volksschulen (primary school) of their confession or world outlook have to be established, if this does not obstruct the regular operation of the school. The wish of those Erziehungsberechtigter has, when possible, to be considered. Further details are specified by state legislation, according to principles laid down in a Reich law. Reich, states and communities have to provide funds to allow poor children access to middle and high schools, to grant financial aid to parents, whose children are regarded qualified for the education on middle and high schools, until their education is ended.”
This article is in regards to the structure of how Public School was controlled.  It is said that grade school including elementary, middle school and high school will be sharing the occupying the same institution. A child will be accepted into a school based on his ambition and talents rather than based on economic and social reasons. In addition, the parents religious confession is therefore to be said unnecessary. It was mandatory for the legal guardian of the child to submit a confession or world outlook. It was known that provided details were broken down further by the state legislation. The article continues to state that  communities and states were responsible for providing resources such as funds to successfully allow less fortunate children an opportunity to go to middle and high school. The constitution wish that these funds will grant the parents financial aid up in to the child no longer attends school.
Article 161: “In order to maintain health and the ability to work, in order to protect motherhood and to prevent economic consequences of age, weakness and to protect against the vicissitudes of life the Reich establishes a comprehensive system of insurances, based on the critical contribution of the insured.”
This article is in regards to protect each individual who is in act of labor .  This article is simply applying to the fact that people are able to work if they are in good health. The only way to be positively sure that people are protected is if one is insured. This is the reason why the comprehensive system of insurances was enforced at this time. According to this article we can point out that protection of motherhood came as first priority at this specific time. Motherhood refers to pregnant women. It can mean many things such as women can be eligible for compensation for a short period of time until the infant is at a certain age. It can also mean the right for a woman to be out of work when she reaches a certain point of her pregnancy trimester. This article is even expected to protect the weakness as in refer to an individual who is unable to work compare to the average person who is most likely capable to work.

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Due March 21,105

The major difference would be that in the case of Germany the radical stage never really developed being very quickly crushed by the provisional state. Brinton tends to analyze revolution from the perspective of internal class dynamics, in other words the major causes leading to revolution itself are traced to class conflicts within society. This tends to underestimate the extent where external factors like war contribute to the weakening of the old regime…..

      In Today Society, America gain more power through terror. Each despotic society have been

in fear. In gain of submission, the human kind sole of purpose is to establish orders and

implement force. The United States Government officials have a certain list of demands that is

certainly expected to be met. Terrorism is the aim of which is to terrorize and can be described as

the analysis of the illegitimate use of violence in terrorist type activities. Terrorism is a primary

strategy of gaining power in the hope of seizing from below that which the state enforces from

authoritative elected officials. Evidently, guerrilla welfare is the preferred and weapon of the

weak against who is exactly in “power”. For centuries, politics have expanded in a broad


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Due 3/14/15 Choose a scene from the movie and interpet it

The criminals organize the "association of beggars," based on real "beggars organizations" that were in Germany at this time to find the criminal. The prevalence of beggars that seem to be everywhere is also a social critique of the economics of the time. They organize them into a network of spies and informants. They eventually track him down and mark him with an 'M' for murder to signal to the other criminals who he is. The idea of marking "social undesirables" was another feature of the Nazi regime, and so "foreshadowed" by this film.   

   M was portrayed as a German thriller drama picture which was produced in 1931

and directed by Fritz Lang. Apparently the director motives in making this film

was to “to warn mothers about neglecting children.” Prior to the time of making

this film, In the era of the late 1920’s, there were a few well known career serial

killers. This movie main character played as a serial killer who bribed children by

offering candy and friendship. The one scene that caught my interest is the scene

that is shown above. It’s amazing how this film is decades old and we are able to

compare it to what is happening now in society. In this film , it was said that

criminals in this time of era were marked with the letter M if they were caught by

the association of  beggars. The reason behind this was to alert the public on who

was considered a threat to society and to also notify the other “gangsters”. The

Nazis made it their business to intervene and look for the killers simply because

they wanted to take some drastic measures that the higher authority was not willing

to make. These people who were involved in this association was known as the

“spies.” In comparison, As of today, Criminals usually work against the law

enforcement and most likely “handle” the situation themselves. It became a

unwritten general rule on the streets  that working  closely with the police was an

bad move to make.  This “rule” is still in effect as of today.

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Nihilism in Germany: 2/14 Siddhartha

Nihilism in Germany: 2/14 Siddhartha: This class we are  going over Hermann Hesse     

Janise Jones –“ …What is the relation
between the "infinite" and the "finite?" If the infinite is
everything and limitless, how could something limited, the finite, exist outside
of it and still be limitless? Without explaining this, Hegel thought, Spinoza's
idea that everything in nature was connected cannot withstand criticism.
Spinoza like the ancient Indian mystics believed that "difference" we
see in the world is an illusion (Maya) it only appears different.”  - This philosophy theory caught my interest
the most. I found this statement to be profound. As we all know that Finite
mean having limits and Infinite means limitless, I can conclude that this quote
is comparing God to Man. They may be curious on why is life so short here on
earth while we are forced to perceive the idea of the word LIFE itself means “eternity.”
Maya which is the illusion of the
astonishing world may form this idea of life being finite but is it really ? This
goes with- out saying how important this theory is. It can really make people
think and see life in another perspective they have never seen before. It’s
certainly an eye opener for most.